Citrus Problem Troubleshooter

Problems with citrus trees generally revolve around watering, pest issues, and the balance of nutrients in the soil. Pest control and fungus issues are broken out onto their own pages. In the winter with your trees indoors, pests are usually not an issue.

Many symptoms can be precipitated from more than one source. For instance, shriveling leaves can be a sign of underwatering, change in humidity, decrease in light exposure, or potentially attributed to a combination of the above.

Jumping to conclusions without fully looking at all the details can cause more problems. Similarly, overreacting(dumping oddles of fertilizer, watering too often, running grow lights 24/7) or being too impatient by employing multiple “solutions” to quickly.  Sticking to a process that will reliably and predictably yield results is the best route to maintaining healthy citrus trees. meyer lemon flower ruined

Problem Solving Process