Identifying and Removing Suckers

Growth below the bud union on rootstock are suckers.  You should promptly remove any new growth as soon as you see it. A weekly sweep of your trees will allow you to rub away any growth you see. This is the best method as the sucker isn’t so big as to take away resources from other parts of the tree.

If allowed to grow out and form leaves, a sucker’s leaf looks much different than your typical leaf on a branch.

A sucker on a citrus tree
The lowest hanging branch on the left side isn’t actually a branch at all. This sucker is below the graft union and depriving actual branches from the nutrients they need to produce fruit and hold it. Cut it off ASAP.
removed sucker from citrus tree
This less than a foot sucker was just cut off the citrus tree.
Suckers right on the bud union
This new growth is right on the bud union. When in doubt or remotely close to union, remove the new growth. Better safe than sorry.