My Citrus Trees

The list of citrus trees contained on this website is not comprehensive. Only those I own are shown. As other varieties are acquired, they will be added.  Currently, I own lemon, lime, kumquat, orange, mandarin, and tangelo trees. If you wish to purchase a citrus tree, please visit our store.

The hierarchy chosen on this site is modeled after the Swingle taxonomy with amendments based on the latest genetic testing. Swingle is not a perfect taxonomy but is probably the most commonly used and fairly accurate. Considering its age, the Swingle taxonomy has held up miraculously well.

How old are my trees?

For criteria to evaluate when selecting the age of your trees, read this article.

Variety Age of Tree
Washington Navel 2-3 years old
Kaffir Lime ~8 years old
Meyer Lemon 3-4 years old
Ponderosa Lemon 2-3 years old
Variegated Eureka Lemon 2-3 years old
Louisiana Sweet Orange 2-3 years old
Valencia Orange 2-3 years old
Minneola Tangelo 2-3 years old
Moro Blood Orange 2-3 years old
Calamondin Orange 1-2 years old
Persian Lime 3-4 years old
Key Lime 2-3 years old
Murcott Tangor 1-2 years old
Dancy Tangerine 3-4 years old
Ponkan Tangerine 2-3 years old
Page Mandarin 2-3 years old
Sunburst Tangerine 1-2 years old
Clementine 2-3 years old
Nagami Kumquat 2-3 years old
Meiwa Kumquat 2-3 years old
Centennial Variegated Kumquat 2 years old
Lisbon Lemon 2 years old
Rangpur Lime 2 years old
Australian Finger Lime 2 years old
Vaniglia Sanguigno Blood Orange 2 years old

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