Kumquat Trees In Pots

My Potted Kumquat Trees

Kumquat Tree Name
Centennial Variegated

About Kumquats

Kumquats trees are one of the hardiest of all citrus species withstanding temperatures down to the mid and low 20s. They also have the smallest leaves, smallest fruit, and arguably the most unique fruit among other common citrus species. Kumquats are a natural fit for growing in containers as houseplants and patio plants. Their desirability as container grown plants comes from their compact growth habit, quality ornamental characteristics, and plentiful fruit production.

As a kumquat tree reaches full maturity, you can expect a harvest hundreds of fruit. No peeling needed, just eat’em whole. The sweet rind and sour flesh make for an interesting, refreshing snack.

Originating from Japan where the fruit has been enjoyed for many years, newer versions of the kumquats have been developed elsewhere in the world, like the Centennial Variegated kumquat tree from the United States for appearance, fruit size, and taste objectives.