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Australian Fingers Limes, also called citrus caviar, are a unique looking citrus. Finger limes can come in an assortment of colors. The ones most commonly sold in America are green.

These trees tend to perform best in environments similar to where they are found in Australia. Oddly enough, these trees can tolerate less sunshine than most other citrus trees. This is because natively these are found in the understory of canopies. They’ll likely do best in very hot, less humid environments like southern California rather than Florida. Nevertheless, these trees can be grown indoors with success.

Basic Information

Common Name Australian Finger Lime
Botanical Name Citrus australasica
Location of Origin Australia
USDA Zones 10
Can be grown in containers? Yes

Fruit Characteristics

Fruit Size Small
Fruit Shape Hot dog
Fruit Flavor Tangy
Rind Thickness Thin
Rind Texture Slightly Bumpy
Rind Color Green
Flesh Color Greenish
Easy to Peel? You can squeeze them easily
Seeds Very small, can be eaten

Tree Details

Has Thorns? Yes, quite thorny
Foliage Color Green
Foliage Size Very Small
Flower Color Violet
Flower Size Tiny
Mature Tree Height in Ground 8′-10′
Fruit Bearing Age 3 – 4 years old
Alternate Bearing? No
Heat to Sweeten Fruit? No

Growing Conditions

Temperature Hardy to 32 ºF
Self-fertile? Yes
Sunlight Required Full Sun to Partial Shade
Bloom Season in Minnesota Early Summer
Harvest Season in Minnesota Fall/Winter
Average Spring/Summer Watering Once every 1-2 weeks, more often when hot
Average Fall/Winter Watering Once every 3 weeks

Guides for Growing in Containers


Australian Finger Lime indoors
Two year old Australian Finger Lime indoors near window