Owari Satsuma

The Owari Satsuma Tree

Owari is a Satsuma which is a cultivar closely related to a mandarin and oftentimes grouped under mandarin.  Satsumas are known for their very sweet flavor, easiness to peel, and cold tolerance. Owari is the most popular Satsuma.

Basic Information

Common Name Owari Satsuma
Botanical Name Citrus reticulata ‘Owari’
Location of Origin Japan
USDA Zones 8-11
Can be grown in containers? Yes

Fruit Characteristics

Flower Color White
Fruit Size Medium
Fruit Shape Round, Oval
Fruit Flavor Very Sweet
Rind Thickness Thin
Rind Texture Smooth to Slightly Bumpy
Rind Color Bright Orange
Flesh Color Orange
Easy to Peel? Very Easy
Seeds Nearly Seedless

Tree Details

Has Thorns? Yes, small
Flower Color White
Flower Size Small-medium
Foliage Color Green
Foliage Size Small-medium
Mature Tree Height in Ground 7′ – 10′
Fruit Bearing Age 3-4 years of age
Alternate Bearing? Yes
Cool to Sweeten Fruit? Yes

Growing Conditions

Temperature Hardy to 26ºF
Self-fertile? Yes
Sunlight Required Full Sun
Bloom Season in Minnesota Spring/Summer
Harvest Season in Minnesota Fall/Winter
Average Spring/Summer Watering Once every 1-2 weeks, more often when hot
Average Fall/Winter Watering Once every 3 weeks

Guides for Growing in Containers


Owari Satsuma recently pruned
Owari Satsuma recently pruned
healthy pruned branches put in container as compost
All of the branches I pruned were healthy, so I put them in the pot as compost as to not waste nutrients and reduce the amount citrus fertilizer I would have otherwise applied.