Ponkan Tangerine

The Ponkan Tangerine Tree

Ponkan, literally meaning puffy in Chinese, is a hybrid between a mandarin and pomelo.  The word “puffy” is the first word that comes to mind while peeling the fruit hence why this tree is named Ponkan.

Basic Information

Common Name Ponkan Tangerine
Botanical Name Citrus poonensis
Location of Origin China
USDA Zones 8B-10
Can be grown in containers? Yes

Fruit Characteristics

Fruit Size Medium
Fruit Shape Round
Fruit Flavor Very Sweet
Rind Thickness Thin
Rind Texture Slightly Bumpy
Rind Color Bright Orange
Flesh Color Orange
Easy to Peel? Very Easy
Seeds Seedless

Tree Details

Has Thorns? No
Flower Color White
Flower Size Medium
Foliage Color Green
Foliage Size Small-medium
Mature Tree Height in Ground 8′ – 10′
Fruit Bearing Age 3 – 4 years old
Alternate Bearing? Yes
Heat to Sweeten Fruit? Yes

Growing Conditions

Temperature Hardy to 32 ºF
Self-fertile? Yes
Sunlight Required Full Sun
Bloom Season in Minnesota Mid-Summer
Harvest Season in Minnesota Winter
Average Spring/Summer Watering Once every 1-2 weeks, more often when hot
Average Fall/Winter Watering Once every 3 weeks

Guides for Growing in Containers


3 year old Ponkan Tangerine Tree
3 year old Ponkan Tangerine Tree
a pair of ponkan tangerine fruit in mid august 2018
There’s been a significant fruit drop. Fruit size has grown quite a bit in the last 3-4 weeks. There are about two dozen fruit on the tree, but I anticipate another round of fruit drop in the next month. I’ll check back in mid-September.
ponkan tangerine fruit gaining size
Ponkan tangerine fruit gaining size
A growing ponkan fruit, flower, and recently pollinated flower indoors
A rare indoor sighting of a growing Ponkan fruit, flower, and a recently pollinated flower all on one adolescent tree. In the background, you can see a set of 4 foot T5 grow lights in close proximity.
mealy bug on a tangerine will eventually ruin this fruit making it inedible
mealy bug on a tangerine