Orange Trees

About Orange Trees

Orange Trees on this site are broken out into two categories: sour oranges and sweet oranges. Within Sweet oranges, there are three subtypes: common, blood, and navel.

History of Orange Trees

Based on the popularity of oranges in American society and around the world, it’s a common assumption that oranges are one of the original citrus types. Beyond that, when you explain to a person that there are both sweet and sour oranges, it’s understandable why people assume sour oranges are newer than sweet oranges based off their experiences going to the grocery store. Unfortunately, both these assumptions are totally wrong.

The story of the orange starts around….

Sour Oranges were first, then sweet oranges were created. People crave sweetness over the sour, so from a commercial standpoint that’s why we see almost all sweet oranges and no sour oranges in the store…because that’s ultimately what the consumer has decided they want.

Orange Tree Care

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