Valencia Orange

The Valencia Orange Tree

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Valencia oranges are the main variety used in the production of orange juice. This tree is somewhat unique in that it will take 12-15 months for the fruit to ripen. So, you’ll see fresh blooms next to fully grown ready-to-pick oranges at the same time! When the genome of this orange was mapped, it was found out that it’s actually a backcross hybrid between pomelo and mandarin orange. This also explains why Valencias have a slight alternate bearing tendency. 

Basic Information

Common Name Valencia Orange
Botanical Name Citrus sinensis ‘Valencia’
Location of Origin Santa Ana, California
USDA Zones 9-11
Can be grown in containers? Yes

Fruit Characteristics

Fruit Size Medium-large
Fruit Shape Round
Fruit Taste Sweet
Rind Thickness Medium
Rind Texture Smooth
Rind Color Orange
Flesh Color Orange
Easy to Peel? Fairly easy
Seeds Some

Tree Details

Has Thorns? Small, not very thorny
Foliage Color Green
Foliage Size Medium-large
Flower Color White
Flower Size Medium-large
Mature Tree Height in Ground 8′ – 10′
Fruit Bearing Age 3- 4 years old
Alternate Bearing? Somewhat
Heat to Sweeten Fruit? Yes

Growing Conditions

Temperature Hardy to 32 ºF
Self-fertile? Yes
Sunlight Required Full Sun
Bloom Season in Minnesota Spring
Harvest Season in Minnesota Winter
Average Spring/Summer Watering Once every 1-2 weeks, more often when hot
Average Fall/Winter Watering Once every 3 weeks

Guides for Growing in Containers


Valencia orange tree approximately three years old in the summer. Growing strong.
A 3 year old Valencia orange tree in July. No blooms yet. It’ll likely hold off blooming until next season and put out as much new growth possible the rest of the summer. All the lower branches are new from 2-3 months ago. While not ideal, these new leaves increase the tree’s availability for photosynthesis and therefore should help output foliage for next year.