Arbequina Olive

The Arbequina Olive tree is one of my only non-citrus trees in my collection. It’s a very different type of tree in terms of appearance, nutritional needs, and watering schedule among other things.



Olive trees are very drought tolerant. Over watering are their worst enemy which can lead to serious problems. Well-draining soil is a must. During a particularly rainy June, I left my olive tree outdoors. Boy! Was that ever a bad idea. Again, these trees are very drought tolerant so you are better off placing them somewhere no rainwater can reach and periodically watering the tree yourself. I also realized the soil that came in the pot does not drain very well at all. I’ll repot the plant with a much higher ratio of sand later on once the tree is in better shape. I keep the tree indoors too long near a window that did not receive very much sunlight causing further leaf drop.



Fertilization needs only to be done once maybe twice a year at equally spaced out intervals. The recommended NPK ration of fertilizer is a 1-1-1 ratio. Folks typically apply a 6-6-6 fertilizer.


Olives are harvested during the summer months.