Sunburst Tangerine Tree


Amazing deal on Sunburst Tangerine Trees. When you buy a tree on this site, proceeds will go towards research and development for northern climates. Even if you don’t live in a colder climate, you’ll benefit from the growing knowledge base that is Potted Citrus Trees!



Look no further for the best deal on a Sunburst Tangerine Tree. Sunburst tangerines are a commercial Florida citrus considered an early variety. There’s a reason this fruit is so popular. The rind is smooth, thin, and fairly easy to peel. 11-14 segments per fruit generally. It also produces a very nice dark juice flavor and can be substituted in place of the iconic Valencia orange for some breakfast OJ!

Additional information

Citrus Type

Mandarin, Tangerine

Sunlight Requirement

Full Sun



Tree Sizes

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